Our mission is to deliver quality Remote Supports services by creatively using technology to connect passionate, experienced caregivers to individuals, allowing them to live with more independence.

Our Team

Our Story

NOSS grew out of the Sound Response Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Waisman Center. In 2002, NOSS founders Chris Patterson, Dani Chilson, and Duane Chad Tempel were brought on to help pioneer an alternative way of providing services to individuals with the use of technology. Before Sound Response and NOSS' founders came together, Remote Supports did not exist.

There were many people who were skeptical of the idea that individuals could be safely supported with technology if staff weren't physically present in the home, but the overwhelming success of the Sound Response program forged a new path for individuals who wanted to exercise greater independence in the home. With that success came the demand for Remote Supports services outside of Dane County, Wisconsin. People across the state wanted the opportunity to live more independently and take on more responsibility of daily life.

That's why, in 2007, Chris, Dani, and Duane decided to found Night Owl Support Systems, LLC as we know it, so individuals across the nation could enjoy the benefits of the service they'd created. Now, NOSS supports individuals in over sixteen states and has helped over a thousand individuals live more independently.

Throughout these decades of growth, NOSS' founders have kept the focus on what matters most, providing person-centered services that make a real impact on the lives of the people we serve.