Remote Supports mean greater independence.

NOSS Remote Supports give individuals supported alone time, where they can be physically independent, but still have supports there when they're needed.

This arrangement offers a chance for them to take on more activities of daily living, conquer responsibility, and live their lives how they want to.

Whether it's three hours a week or a hundred, NOSS is available 24/7/365 to support an individual on their time.

Layers of safeguards to ensure continuous care.

NOSS uses generators, battery backups, uninterrupted power supplies, backup cell cards, multiple internet connections, even an entire backup remote supports facility to ensure that, no matter what, the individuals we serve remain supported and safe.

No surveillance, just support.

Our technology is centered around providing support and facilitating communication.

It's very important to us that, even with NOSS technology in the home, an individual's house still feels like it's theirs. That's why we use discreet tech devices that don't dominate an individual's space.

To see an example, mouse over the image on the right to see a before and after of a kitchen with NOSS tech installed.

Remote Supports address many areas of concern.

Reminders & Prompts

For people who just need a little extra help to remember tasks, NOSS can provide reminders and prompts at scheduled times.


In addition to reminders and prompts, NOSS can schedule check-ins with individuals to see how their day went and make sure they're okay.

Nighttime Activity Tracking

Information about sleep can be key to tracking health outcomes for people with I/DD.

Visitor Safety

NOSS can help individuals work on skills with visitor safety to help them remain connected and safe.

Cooking/Food Safety

NOSS helps reduce risks associated with independent cooking while still allowing the individual to build skills.

Seizure Support

NOSS can help detect movement that is commonly associated with certain types of seizure activity.

Reduce Oversupport

Many people supported don't need all the staff hours they're receiving. With NOSS, you can reduce oversupport and appropriately serve those folks.

We integrate with devices to address even more concerns.

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NOSS helps support individuals even outside of the home. So they can safely participate in the community.

NOSS uses the Belle Plus mobile PERS system to help individuals remain safe out in the community.

Medication Assistance

Some folks just need a little help to independently self-administer medication. NOSS can help.

NOSS has integrated the Dose Flip med dispenser into our system to help with smart med self-administration.

Fall Support

NOSS can arrange sensors to help individuals access assistance after a fall in addition to adding devices which can help with fall detection.

NOSS Fall Support has the capacity to use landline, cellular, and mobile technology.

In addition to fall detection, we can also arrange sensors near the ground so that an individual always has a way to access help in case of a fall.

Start the journey to more independence, reach out to NOSS today.

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