We are aware of the global technology outage impacting systems around the world and are monitoring the situation. NOSS services have been impacted, but the situation has been resolved. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this together.

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We help people
with disabilities
be more independent.

Our Remote Supports Services use technology to connect individuals with NOSS caregivers.

Tech, like door and motion sensors, placed in an individuals home allow a Remote Support Professional (RSP) to provide real-time support to individuals without needing to be physically present in their home.

Why Use NOSS Remote Supports?


With remote supports, people can be less dependent on in-person staff and have more time alone in their home.
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Discreet Tech

Our technology is discreet, so even when supported your home feels like home.
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Safety & Security

We use comprehensive tech backups to ensure continuity of service.
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24/7 Availability

We offer services 24/7, 365. We don't call off.
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Jennifer's Story

Jennifer received 24/7 care before using remote supports. While she loved having staff while she was awake, she wanted to be more independent during sleep hours.

With NOSS Remote Supports, Jennifer is able to remain safe and supported while she sleeps, without anyone being in her home. She still gets to see her staff, who get to help her when she needs it most.

5 Myths about Remote Supports

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DSPs and Remote Supports

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