Paint Party 2024

What is NOSS Paint Party?

NOSS' Paint Party is an annual art contest NOSS hosts to celebrate the artistic abilities of the folks we serve. We recognize that we provide a service that represents just one part of the varied and full lives of the folks we support, and we wanted to do something to promote their artistic side.

How Does it Work?

Anyone who receives services from NOSS can enter. It's not limited to painting, either. Contestants can submit pictures of coloring, pottery, crochet/knitting, even a cool dance. It's all about free expression and showcasing your artistic abilities.

There's no registration, just create your masterpiece, take a good picture of it, and submit that picture in the form below. Be sure to include the title of your work so we know what to call it!

This year's theme is Nature.

Your masterpiece can be anything from a painting of trees, a river, the ocean,
the sky. Anything in nature that you like, show us with your art!

Previous Winners


1st Place
"The love between a mother and daughter is infinite"

2nd Place
"Halloween Night"

3rd Place
"Dreams of Color"


1st Place
"Free To be me"

2nd Place
"Fly High"

3rd Place
"Free to be who I AM"