How NOSS Works

From the very first call, to intake, to setup and installation, and through services, we're there for the individual and their team. Below you'll see an overview of our process, so you know what to expect when starting Remote Supports.

Before Starting Services

Reach Out to NOSS

The first step starts with you. Reach out to us to start a conversation about how NOSS remote supports can improve the life of someone you know.

Discovery Meeting

After you reach out to NOSS, we sit down to address your concerns, identify needs, and give you a chance to get to know us.

Fill Out a Referral

Once you become familiar with our services and team, fill out a referral with important information about the individual who wants to use Remote Supports so that we can begin to develop a system designed specifically for them.

Intake Meeting(s)

Intake meetings are where we finalize the protocols and the technology to be used in the home. We also iron out any other points of concern to create comprehensive, person-centered protocols.

Once Services Begin

System Installation & Training

Once the protocols are finalized and the technology is selected, we work with the individual and their team to set a date for installation and a time to familiarize the individual with the new technology in their home.

Trial and Testing

We believe that technology should be arranged to fit the person, not the other way around. During the first few weeks of services, we use individual and team feedback to dial in the technology and protocols to ensure the system is working for them.

During Services


We think it's important that individuals and teams know when staffing ends and Remote Supports begin and vice versa. That's why we use "handshakes" that clearly communicate when Remote Supports start and end, every shift.

Day-to-Day Changes

Even people with established routines make changes to their plans. Whether it's a staff calling off or the individual going to visit mom and dad for the weekend, we can change our scheduled support at a moment's notice.

Reporting & Documentation

We offer many options to receive reports on activity in an individual's home. Some teams use this information to track outcomes, while others simply enjoy the peace of mind seeing that the individual they help serve is doing well.

Ongoing Evaluation

We understand that individuals' needs change over time. Our Consumer Relations Team stays on top of any alterations that need to be made to the system or the individual's protocols to ensure Remote Supports continues to appropriately serve their needs.

Start the journey to more independence, reach out to NOSS today.

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