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"The savings are staggering not to mention the improvement of all four individuals' quality of live since moving."

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The idea of using NOSS services was presented at our stakeholders meeting a month ago. They are all very happy and say they never want to live with 24-hour supervision again. NOSS has given them independence that has increased their freedom of choice in so many ways.

For example, they can choose what they want for supper, what or where they want to go in the community or if they would rather stay home since they don't have to do everything as a group. It has increased vocational opportunities for one individual due to his new location and flexibility with his schedule in the evenings.

All four guys have blossomed socially with improved communication and increased indication of preference in all areas of their life. I would say the only struggle with the freedom of choice comes the freedom to call in sick when they may not truly be ill. But with that comes natural consequences of losing work for frequent call-ins, etc.

Any bump in the road we have come across has worked itself so far, and the guys and their teams couldn't be happier with NOSS.

Case Manager - Iowa

"We would highly recommend Night Owl Support Systems to anyone!"

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We were presented with a request from a young man and his family to have non-intrusive but safe overnight supports. The traditional option of putting a staff person in the home for overnights could not be an option for a number of reasons, including the person not wanting someone staying overnight all of the time. Options were researched and Night Owl Support Systems seemed to be the answer. When they were contacted, the response was very timely and within weeks, the system was installed and up and running.

For well over a year, the Night Owl Support Systems has been a true success for this person. He is able to talk to someone anytime if he needs help. Night Owl staff are able to check in when there is an alert and the first responders have been able to mitigate any overnight need without having staff spend the night! Using Night Owl Support Systems has provided the opportunity for this young person to be able to have the maximum level of independence, while family and team members are assured by the very reliable safety net that is in place. Every day since beginning the services, we have received an email indicating how the evening before went and working with the Night Owl Support Systems staff is a real pleasure.

If anyone ever wants to speak with any of us, we would be glad to share our confidence in and appreciation for your service.

Julie Wald - Program Director, Support Systems, Inc. - North Dakota

"When we began our partnership several years ago, families and individuals were reluctant to try a service that replaced overnight staff."

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The experience of a couple of people with the NOSS system turned that around fairly quickly. Now we have six individuals supported overnight by the technology saving the state an estimated $190,000 annually, but, more importantly, providing people with the opportunity to add services into their daytime hours and be more active in their community.

Susan Rinne - Executive Director, Life Designs, Inc. - Indiana

"NOSS is a cost-effective way to provide individuals with the support they require and the autonomy they desire."

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Dane County has partnered with Night Owl Support Systems (NOSS) since their inception as a Waisman Center Demonstration Pilot in 2001. NOSS assists individuals to live as independently as possible with the electronic monitoring and support they need to remain safe. More than just a one size fits all, electronic notification system, Night Owl Support System's staff are active team members and problem solvers. They create highly individualized solutions for each situation. Most importantly, they ensure a rapid, on-site human response when needed.

Monica Bear - I/DD Community Services Manager - Dane County, Wisconsin

Remote Support Scenarios

To understand remote supports, it helps to see how it would be applied in certain situations.

Scenario 1 - Individual with Prader-Willi Syndrome

A young man with Prader-Willi Syndrome lived in a group home but wanted to succeed in his own apartment.
NOSS installed a remote support system, tailoring the
technology to his specific needs. Family members were able to receive alerts to ensure he left for work on time or to respond if he needed assistance.
NOSS services have allowed him the opportunity to live safely and independently, without paid 24-hour staff. Additionally, this scenario has provided an annual cost savings of $13,252.

Scenario 2 - Provider Agency with Staffing Issues

A residential provider agency was supporting eight individuals in four different apartments. They were experiencing staffing issues, and were looking for a way to increase independence while alleviating their labor problem.
NOSS installed remote supports, and the overnight staff was able to respond to the four different apartments. One staff person stayed at the apartment of the individual with highest needs, responding to other apartments when needed.
This scenario allowed each person to enjoy greater independence overnight and reduced the amount of staff needed for the overnight shift. It provided an annual cost savings of $138,875 for the agency.