Tom Stowe

Director of Operations

Tom Stowe began his career in the United States Senate working for the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Aging. There he cultivated a knowledge of the issues affecting the elderly and worked to call Congress' and the nation's attention to many problems affecting older Americans. Tom moved to the Madison, WI area in 2016 and began working in the field of electronic medical records at Epic Systems. Here, Tom would develop his understanding of healthcare delivery and administration, working with a wide range of organizations from community clinics to large research institutions. Tom looks forward to each day at NOSS where he can bring his experience and enthusiasm to aid a dignified and independent life for the people that NOSS supports. Tom enjoys living in the Madison area and spends his free time outdoors hiking the Badger Trail, growing hibiscus plants, and snuggling up with his cats and a good book.
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Minors in Mathematics and Economics