Jesse Elmer

Director of Technology

Jesse Elmer started working with people with disabilities in the summer of 2005 at the Wisconsin Badger Camp, where he still volunteers today. Badger Camp provides a unique camping experience for people with disabilities and accepts individuals of all levels of abilities. Enjoying his experience at Badger Camp, Jesse began working vocationally as a job coach in the Madison area. In 2006, Jesse began working for the Sound Response Program as a professional responder where he was quickly promoted to Response Coordinator. Jesse brings a methodical approach and attention to detail that allows the NOSS team to operate seamlessly. Jesse designs, develops, and implements the technology, software, and other technical details that make NOSS work. Jesse is an avid reader and movie buff and enjoys live music. He also occasionally likes to play bad golf.
Professional Monitor - University of Wisconsin Madison's Waisman Center Sound Response Program Bachelor of Science in Psychology - University of Wisconsin Platteville