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What are Remote Supports?

Remote supports are a technology-based service used to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live with more independence. By installing technology in the individual's home, remote support professionals (RSPs) can deliver care remotely and respond in real time to sensor alerts such as motion, door, and bed sensors. This allows them to interact with the individual when appropriate, but doesn't require them to be physically present to do so.
Remote Supports in 30 Seconds

Why Use Remote Supports?


Remote supports allow individuals to live with more hours physically alone in their home while still being supported.


Alone time in the home, without physically-present staff, means more time to make choices for oneself: what to watch on TV, what to make for dinner, and when to go to bed. The choices we take for granted every day are given back to individuals who use remote supports.

Dignity of Risk

The ability to take risks and learn from mistakes. As Robert Perske put it in his 1972 essay, "The world in which we live is not always safe, secure, and predictable... We must work to develop every human resource within us in order to prepare for these days. To deny any person with a disability his fair share of risk experiences is to further cripple him for healthy living. People with disabilities may, can, will, and should respond to risk with full human dignity and courage."

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